Macau Casinos Speak About Their Online Gambling Statistics

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An average male who enters a casino in Macau to play games for real money makes more than $34, 000 per year! The male evidently comes from some of the economically developed cities in China namely Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Beijing. It is estimated that the gambler is likely to earn approximately $2, 900 every single month.

Macau Casinos Finally Speak About Their Online Gambling Statistics

According to gaming analyst Sanford C. Bernstein, Macau casino industry is likely to scale into very high heights in the next five years from where it is currently.

For now, Macau casinos run the largest premium gaming market in the whole world trouncing Las Vegas, which for many years has shown the world that it is the epitome of gaming.

In fact, Bernstein observes that although the Macau casino industry is likely to gain by 25% during those years, he also thinks that other Asian casinos will soon follow suit.
However, the Macau average man spends quite a lot to pocket such a tremendous amount of money each year. Bernstein’s observation indicates that the man uses $3, 035 per trip!

There is more in Macau casino industry that is not known by many people. For instance, Bernstein says that the use of the name ‘premium’ is categorical, which is used to refer to those individuals whose income per month is 25, 000 Yuen plus, an equivalent of something to do with $3, 700 each month.

Although Bernstein and fellow analysts believe that there will be such a drastic growth in the next five years in Macau casino sector, they are still worried that the level of gaming penetration to Chinas mainland hasn’t been impressive.

However, it is interesting to note how Macau that once depended primarily on high-rollers who controlled almost everything regarding casino cash flow. In fact, before the intensive crackdown that whipped Chinas high-rollers and elite people in business, the Macau casino industry accounted over 60 percent from this category of gamblers.

But even after the intensive crackdown to remove private high-limit suites, Macau casino industry remains vibrant and steadfast having a significant influence on other Asian casinos.
In support of premium category, the report indicated that it is an essential component in the Macau casino industry now and in the future.

“Premium clients will always remain a critical part of the Macau casino long-term growth. Wealthier customers who are referred to high-rollers tend to frequently visit gaming facilities spending a lot thus the growth of the casino sector and the population of such premiums is growing each day,” said the report.
Macau Casinos Speak About Their Online Gambling Statistics

In fact, the report goes further to show how Macau’s casino industry is likely to grow in the next ten years when it said, “Over the next like ten years, Macau is estimated to record at least 6.4 percent CAGR regarding gross gaming collections. In this, VIP CAGR is likely to have 4.8 percent and mass CAGR nearly 8 percent. I this, the driver of that huge revenue collection will be premium,” said the report.

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Macau Casinos Speak About Their Online Gambling Statistics
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Macau Casinos Speak About Their Online Gambling Statistics
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