Las Vegas Nevada’s Sands Casinos Wins Big Legal Case

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Recently the Las Vegas Nevada Sands casino won a huge legal case. In an article from one of the top Las Vegas online casino websites Sheldon Adelson’s, who is the owner of the Sands Casino in Las Vegas Nevada, won an intellectual property casino. The intellectual property casino was about the Sands Casinos trademark and the brand intellectual property.

Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Nevada Sands casino owner filed a lawsuit against fifty-four webpage owners plus they filed suit against Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation licensing and registration jurisdiction. Sands Casino allegedly claimed that these websites are illegally using Las Vegas Sands casino trademarks and their brands.

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This has been an ongoing lawsuit for a long time and was finally resolved last week when Judge James Mahan adjudicated in favor of the Las Vegas Sands Casino. The judge order the website owners to play two million dollar to the Las Vegas Nevada based Sands Casino in addition to one hundred fifty thousand dollars in copyright infringements.

This is a big win for the Las Vegas Nevada Sands casino owner, Sheldon Adelson who is now allegedly backing a United States bill to ban online gambling. With the 2016 presidential elections right around the corner it seems that everyone is taking a position on online gambling.

Some people that play the best US slot casino games for real money made comments on this website regarding the article about Sheldon Adelson and his big win for the Las Vegas Nevada Sands Casino. One person was very surprised if Sheldon Adelson received any satisfaction for this judgment. For many years many people of the “best online casinos” have been using the name of the Sands Hotel casino in Las Vegas Nevada and are not located in the United States of America. The question many people are asking is will this judgment be enforced and how will it be enforced since this case was adjudicated in the United States of America while most of the US slot casinos are located offshore and out of the country.

Many people that read the US slot casino review website wonder about the legalities of USA online gambling and more specifically playing real money online slot games. We do not give legal advice. You may want to consult an attorney to obtain legal advice about the USA online gambling laws or any other legal advice. Top

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