BingoForMoney USA Online Casino Launches New Chat Games

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BingoForMoney USA online casino has launched all new chat game bonuses for people that play online bingo and slot machines in the United States of America, Canada and abroad. You can join the friendly BingoForMoney community now and get ready for some cool online gaming challenges as you meet new people and chat with them while you are playing daily online bingo and slot chat games.

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About BingoForMoney USA Online Casino Chat Games

The first chat game is called the hot seat. This is where real money US slot casino choose a number between one and seventy five and when their numbers are called they click the “HS + NUMBER + ICON” buttons together. If BingoForMoney US online casinos has any missing letters in the pattern then there will be a side game. The residents of the United States of America that are playing this online chat game for real money can pick another number and the amount of winners is contingent on how many people are playing in this online bingo game for real money.

If you do have not an account with BingoForMoney read the BingoForMoney reviews or use our links and our banners to sign up and claim your free $50 no deposit bonus plus claim 2015% in welcome bonuses over your first three deposits.

The next chat game that the US slot casino readers can play is Dodge Ball. Choose a number anywhere between one and seventy-five and try not to be hit with the online ball by the end of the game, just like playing real dodge ball. When you number is called out type ” I’M ALIVE + NUMBER + ICON”. If there is no winner the folks at Bingo For Money will have a side game where residents of the United States of America, Canada and everywhere in the world can pick another number and the amount of winners is based on how many players are left in this real money online chat game.

The Match Game is fun to play and to meet people and chat with. The rules during this online bingo game is to choose a number between 0 and 9 and when you hear you number type in “MATCH+YOUR NUMBER + ICON”. There is also a side game if there is no winner and the rules are the same as the side online bingo games that we mentioned earlier. Top

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